Kit Couture was established to provide you with beautiful and inspiring offers for your creative leisure time. Our core idea is to deliver a kit with everything you need to get started with your unique craft. Hence our name: Kit Couture.

More about Kit Couture

Working with craft projects has a whole lot of benefits, from it being sustainable, satisfying, and fun to create clothing, to it being meditative and healthy for one’s mind and body. Our ambition is to create unique designs for knit, crochet, and embroidery, which are both interesting and innovative. Furthermore, we wish to motivate those who have not previously worked with either knit, crochet, or embroidery and give them the sense of the wonder of creating and provide insights into an exciting world of craft.


Our ambition is to create unique designs for knit, crochet, and embroidery, which are both interesting and innovative. We make it convenient for you to get started. Regardless of your skills, we offer crafts matching your exact level and wishes. It is a simple process to order on our website with rapid shipping. 

We make a virtue of our patterns being pedagogical and thoroughly tested. We are, of course, always available on all our channels to help you, regardless of what questions you may have.


It is of high importance to us, that you successfully finish your craft, and that it gives you the desire and courage to get started with your next project. We sincerely hope that a project from Kit Couture will inspire you.

Kit Couture

One of the absolute essential cornerstones of Kit Couture is the design process itself. We spend many resources on developing unique designs based on a specific concept or story. However, the design must never become complicated in such a way that you cannot successfully finish your craft.


We are primarily an online webshop, but, of course, we have a physical store where you can stop by and take a look at all of our styles - and feel the different yarn qualities.

We’re placed in the center of Copenhagen at Vesterbrogade 165, 1800 Frederiksberg.

We are open all weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm, as well as Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.

the TEAM BehinD

Line Rix

Founder Line Rix

Rachel Søgaard

Designer and teacher Rachel Søgaard

Designer Tine Winther

Project Manager Anna Louise Poulsen

Designer Marianne Nørbo

Content Creator Line Christensen

Shop Assistant Matilde Märcher Nitschke

Shop Assistant Freja Meiltoft Ovesen

Administrative Assistant Iben Vibe Skovgaard

Retail Assistants Anna Ditte Knudsen

Piccoline Marie Immisch

Piccoline Alberte Klarskov Kjersner

Partner and Head of interface Peter Solow

Partner and Head og development Troels Larsen

Ryd Alt

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