Molla Mills

Molla Mills is known for her beautiful, unique, and colorful designs inspired by her travels. Molla has designed three styles for Kit Couture, which are named Seili, Kimito, and Rosala.

Molla Mills lives in Kurikka in Finland and works at her studio in Helsinki. However, she spends much time traveling the world, where she also teaches within her fantastic design universe worldwide. Molla found the inspiration for the Kit Couture collection during a trip to Latin America.

Molla is curious about the world, which is not solely expressed in her crochet universe, but through her flair for materials as well. Molla collects yarn from her many travels, and since 2014, she has carried her very own yarn line in collaboration with the Suomen Lanka.

Apart from designing beautiful crochet patterns, Molla Mills has written and published more than 25 books since 2013 that are translated to a broad range of languages, of which three can be found in Danish.

Molla Mills has a master in art, and her first book about crochet was written as a monograph in 2013. 


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