Molla Mills

Molla Mills

Molla Mills’ style of design is characterized by tapestry crochet in lovely colors, but at the same time, she is known for her modern and contrasting black/white patterns. Molla finds inspiration for her fantastic universe from her many travels all around the world.

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Lærke Bagger

Lærke Bagger

Lærke is educated from the School of Design in Copenhagen, within the field of textile, where knit is her specially studied subject. Lærke’s knit design is characterized by challenging the classic design techniques, in combination with a use of colours and materials in new and innovative ways.

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Anden Omgang

Anden Omgang

In collaboration with ANDEN OMGANG, we have designed the lovely Ammassalik Sweater, where some of the yarn is made of Kit Couture’s leftover yarn. The ‘Reused’ yarn is produced of leftover yarn and is a 100% hand-made yarn - from the composition of fibers and colors to preparing, napping, and finally spinning the fibers into new yarn. This makes every ball of yarn unique.

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Iben Høj

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Iben is an extraordinary designer, which is expressed through her creations that are elegant, innovative, and provide a three-dimensional experience.

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Siff Pristed

Siff Pristed

Siff is an outstanding designer, particularly when it comes to color combinations, surfaces and structures. This unique style is reflected in her recent two sweaters designed especially for Kit Couture. The sweaters are called Fyn and Gotland.

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Marianne Nørbo


Knitwear designer Marianne Nørbo is an expert in contemporary techniques, materials, style and fit. Marianne has created three styles for Kit Couture – Enø, Bogø and Gavnø.

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Marie Willumsen

Marie has a unique eye for design when it comes to designs appealing to children and playful souls. So we converted Marie's sweet sketches into craft projects for both embroidery and crochet.

Ryd Alt

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