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We add high importance to the quality to make sure that you will get a beautiful result. All our yarns and materials are, therefore, carefully selected among the best suppliers both in Denmark and abroad.


We have a selection of various yarns that we use for knitting, crochet, and embroidery. All the yarns are natural materials, so they feel wonderful on your skin, and the colors appear beautifully and fast. Below, you can see all our yarns, and under each type of yarn, you can read more - and explore which styles are knit in the specific yarn quality.


Alpaca Yarn

About the Alpaca yarn

Our Alpaca yarn is a three-treaded, pure alpaca. The fibers come from alpacas, who belong to the lamas who are part of the camel family. The alpacas live on the South-American plains. The yarn is available as 50 gram balls and is knit using needles size 2,5-3,5 mm. Fiber: 100% alpaca.

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Blow yarn

About the Blow yarn

Blow is well qualified for all types of knitwear. The yarn is produced for Kit Couture in the northern part of Italy. The yarn is available as balls of 50 gram and is knit with knitting needle size 5,5 mm to 4. Fiber: 37% alpaca, 26% wool, 2% viscose and 35% polyamide.

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Cashmere Yarn

About the Cashmere yarn

This yarn quality is the most luxurious yarn you can imagine. The Cashmere yarn comes from the cashmere goat, which lives in Mongolia. Our cashmere yarn is produced and shipped from Italy. Fiber: 100% cashmere.

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Cotton Yarn

About the Cotton yarn

Our Cotton yarn has a beautiful, soft surface and is available in a wealth of wonderful colors. The yarn is available as balls of 25 gram and is crochet with crochet hook/ knit with knitting needles size 3 to 4. Fiber: 100% cotton.

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Natur Yarn

About Natur Yarn

The Natur yarn is ideal for all types of chunky knitwear, such as hats, scarfs, and sweaters. It is furthermore suitable to mix with other yarn qualities such as Kid Mohair. Fiber: 100% wool

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Highland Yarn

About the Highland yarn

Our Highland yarn is four-threaded wool yarn. The fibers come from Peruvian highland sheep. Fiber: 100% pure wool.

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Highland Mini yarn

About the Highland Mini yarn

This yarn quality is a wonderful wool quality which is worked using needles size 3,5 to 4,5 mm. The Highland Mini yarn is suitable for the fair isle technique or textured patterns. Fiber: 100% pure wool.

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Island yarn

About the Island yarn

The yarn is produced in Iceland and is 100% wool. The yarn is available as 100 gram balls, and the yarn is knit using needles 6-7, which makes it rapid to work with this quality. Fiber: 100% pure wool.

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Kid Mohair Yarn

Abouth the Kid Mohair yarn

The Kid Mohair yarn quality is light as a feather and is the ideal yarn to mix with other qualities. Fiber: 70% super kid mohair and 30 % mulberry silk.

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Lama Yarn

About the Lama yarn

Our Lama yarn is a quality yarn with a combination of lama and wool. Fiber: 50% lama and 50% Peruvian highland wool.

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Merino Yarn

About the Merino yarn

Our Merino yarn is a four-threaded worsted yarn, spun with 80% long-fibred merino wool (superwash-treated), and 20% nylon. The nylon secures the yarn's excellent durability, making it possible to use the yarn for styles that require a bit more robustness. The colors of the Merino are bright and can be matched in many ways. Fiber: 80% Merino and 20% Nylon

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Shimmery Yarn

About the Shimmery yarn

Our Shimmery yarn is a beautiful yarn consisting of 80% viscose and 20% metallic polyester. Fiber: 80% viscose, 20% metallic polyester

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Shiny Cotton Garn

About the Shiny Cotton yarn

Our mercerized cotton yarn has a beautiful, soft surface and is available in a wealth of colors. The Shiny Cotton is ideal for all types of crocheting but works great for knitting as well. The yarn is available as balls of 50 grams and is worked on needles/hook size 2,5 to 4. Fiber: 100% mercerized cotton.

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Silk Linen yarn

About the Silk Linen yarn

Our Silk Linen yarn is a wonderful yarn, which is ideal for spring and summer. The yarn is a mix of off white silk with dyed linen in beautiful, bright colors. The mottled expression makes the yarn perfect for styles of one color. The yarn is available as balls of 50 grams. Fiber: 30% silk and 70% linen.

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Tweed yarn

About the Tweed yarn

The tweed yarn is a one-threaded yarn. Fibers: 40% lama, 40% Peruvian highland wool, and 20% viscose.

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Tapestry Wool

About the Tapestry Wool

This yarn quality is ideal for cross stitches and canvas embroidery.

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