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Sotra Knit Pullover


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Here you can see all about the style.

Sotra Knit Pullover

Stripes in unique colour combinations combined with a good fit. The style is characterised by the narrow stripes on top and the wider stripes in different colours in the bottom.

More about Sotra Knit Pullover

Here you can read all about the style.

About the style

The Sotra Pullover is knitted in the softest Merino wool which is both warm and gentle on the skin.

The recommended needle size for this design is 2.5mm and 3mm circular needles (remember to order the knitting needles separately as they are not included in the kit). If you do not want to knit the sleeves with circular needles using the magic loop technique, you will need 2.5mm and 3mm double-pointed needles, which can be found in the Tools section.

The Sotra Pullover comes in four sizes and in four colour combinations. 




Circular Needles (3mm 60cm) Circular Needle (2.5 mm 60 cm)


        4 y        (6 y)       (8 y)    (10 y) 

A:   39 cm  (45 cm)  50 cm  (55 cm)

B:   78 cm  (82 cm)  85 cm  (88 cm)

C:   29 cm  (32 cm)  36 cm  (39 cm)

About the design

More about the design and the materials

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