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The Advent Calendar 2021 (SOLD OUT)

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With Kit Couture's Advent Calendar, you will get four fantastic knitting surprises, which you can open each Advent Sunday. You can look forward to wonderful knit, new yarns and styles, as well as extra surprises and Christmas coziness. You will receive four entirely new kits, which we have not launched before – one kit for each Advent Sunday for the intermediate knitter.

EUR 260.00

The contents of the Advent Calendar

With this exclusive Advent Calendar, you get four knitting kits, including new yarns and products, as well as extra surprises and treats.


The four kits are new designs, which have not been launched before, and will include both smaller and larger projects. One of the projects has a Christmas theme.


All four surprises are wrapped beautifully with packaging materials that you can use for varying purposes afterward. Furthermore, we will mark the presents with numbers, so you easily can see which to open when. 


In addition to the four kits, you will also receive fantastic surprises!

A wealth of stunning colors

We have developed six color universes for the Advent Calendar, so you simply have to decide which color nuances you prefer – green, grey, blue, red, natural colors, or golden nuances.

Alle color universes are based on Kit Couture's Nordic design style, with beautiful contrasts and a graphic expression. Contrasting colors diverging from the main nuances can occur in the designs.

Read more about each color nuance by clicking on the colored icons above. 

When will you receive the Advent Calendar? 

We will ship your Advent Calendar from Kit Couture's Santa workshop in mid-November 2021.

Hereby, you will receive the Advent calendar before the 1st Sunday of Advent.

Shipping is, of course, free! If you wish to order additional products, we will ship these together with the Advent Calendar.

Practical info

- The price is €260 incl. shipping

- The deadline for pre-orders is November 1st, 2021

- The amount of yarn is the same in all kits are the same regardless of style; why it is not necessary to pick a size

- Knitting needles are not included in the Advent calendar

- If you order additional products in the same order as the Advent Calendar, we will ship these together with the Advent Calendar.

- Of course, we will not withdraw your payment before we ship your Advent calendar by mid-November 2021

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