Lærke Bagger

Lærke is one of Denmark's most talented knit desginers. She has designed som of Kit Couture's bestsellers; Øksø, Femø, Borgø and Tunø.

Inspiration for the Tunø Pullover with a lot of beautiful colours in amazing colour combinations

Lærke’s knit design is characterized by challenging the classic design techniques, in combination with a use of colours and materials in new and innovative ways.

Lærke has designed several styles for Kit Couture such as Tunø, Femø, Borgø and Øksø. 

Sketches for the Øksø Sweater

the Design process

Lærke Bagger

Lærke is educated from the School of Design in Copenhagen, within the field of textile, where knit is her specially studied subject.

During Lærke's working processes some styles arise due to a longer design process, while others are a creative idea that is formed during the actual knit process.


Tons of ideas

styles by lærke bagger

Ryd Alt

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